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Henan GHT agricultural science co., LTD Henan GHT agricultural science co., LTD Was established in July 2015, is the agriculture, agricultural and sideline products purchasing and selling, in raw agricultural products and deep processing, agricultural technology promotion, food and food machinery research and development of new varieties, development of new packaging materials such as scientific research, cultivation, processing enterprises. Henan GHT agricultural science co., LTD. Is located in the central plains hinterland, self-consciousness, and the national commodity grain base - xuchang city commercial and trade logistics park (wenfeng road south of pear of turntable south 800 meters), near 107 federal highways, is apart from the beijing-zhuhai expressway, taking east station 1 km, from the beijing-guangzhou high-speed xuchang xuchang terminal station and xinzheng international airport 4 kilometers, 40 kilometers away from xinzheng international airport, convenient transportation and superior location. The company covers an area of 25000 square meters, registered capital of 20 million yuan, the existing standardized grana...



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